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Dr. Patrick Minor creates a caring and energetic atmosphere at Minor Chiropractic Health Center. His passion for health, wellness, and chiropractic ensures a positive and unique experience for each individual under his care. Dr. Minor specializes in family-oriented wellness care, striving to provide a safe and natural approach to pain management, and helping each of his patients achieve and maintain the health that they desire.

The emphasis at Minor Chiropractic Health Center is to allow the body to express optimal health through a freely communicating nerve system, and with every gentle and specific adjustment guiding the body toward its maximum innate health potential. There are no age limits at Minor Chiropractic-everyone is welcome from infants to seniors.

It is our mission to serve all with the highest level of Chiropractic care.

Giving out of our own abundance so that all people will have the opportunity to achieve optimal health.

To educate all on the simple truth of life and vitality, unadulterated and without compromise.

To deliver this with utmost commitment, compassion and strength so that all can strive to live to their fullest potential.

"Chiropractic works for everyone. Its simple. Where there is nerve interference, health and healing potential suffer. Where there is spinal misalignment, arthritic changes are more likely. Our goal is to remove nerve interference and help restore health and balance. We all must do our best to eat move and think well"




Health Articles

US Child Mortality Ranks Worst Among Wealthy Nations
US Child Mortality Ranks Worst Among Wealthy Nations
A study published in Health Affairs in January 2018 reports that the U.S. ranks last among 20 wealthy nations in child mortality. The report was covered by multiple news outlets including a January 8, 2018, CNN news story titled, "Among 20 wealthy nations, US child mortality ranks worst, study finds." . . .
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Resolution of Hot Flashes with Chiropractic
Resolution of Hot Flashes with Chiropractic
The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research published the results of a case study on October 29, 2018, documenting the resolution of a woman's hot flashes under chiropractic care. Hot flashes are the most common condition of women who are entering menopause. . . .
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Dogs with Paraplegia Helped by Chiropractic According to Study
Dogs with Paraplegia Helped by Chiropractic According to Study
On November 26, 2018, the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a study highlighting chiropractic helping dogs that were diagnosed with paraplegia secondary to intervertebral disc disease. The authors noted the reason for this study by saying, "The objective of this article is to explore . . .
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Chiropractic Helps Excessive Crying in Baby According to Study
Chiropractic Helps Excessive Crying in Baby According to Study
The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics published a case study and review in their January 2018 issue showing how chiropractic helped a baby who was suffering from excessive crying. This study points out that although crying is a normal way that infants communicate their needs, excessive crying . . .
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